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Can I become free to control my worries ? (part 1)

image engIt is true that worries do not all have the same intensity, that their rhythm varies, that some cannot be used to build upon, that others are dangerous and must be eliminated without fail otherwise the person is demolished.

More and more psychologists encourage their clients to reflect in order to master the daily worries inherent in life and to completely free themselves from the most serious. Some worries can break a life; they are parasites that eat away at energies. We should not be afraid to look at worries, to analyze them, to hold them to find positive aspects to be exploited.

Could not the victims of worry, the chronic worriers, do like the followers of Alcoholics Anonymous and promise God, the Supreme Being really alive as they conceive Him, twenty-four hours of sobriety each day?

Extract from the Volunteers of God Collection

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