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Marian calendar. With Mary, I live my spirituality

marie immaculeeMay 1 - With Mary, like her, I welcome with her smile.
May 2 - With Mary, I pray for countries at war.
May 3 - With Mary, I offer suffering children to God's mercy.
May 4 - With Mary, I marvel at what is around me.

marie reineMay 5 - With Mary, I break the solitude and visit someone who is alone.
May 6 - With Mary, I take the time to greet the people I meet.
May 7 - With Mary, like her, I am a gift to help those around me.
May 8 - With Mary, I joyfully give service.
May 9 - With Mary, I avoid criticism by taking care of the ambiance.
May 10 - With Mary, like her, I speak softly.
May 11 - With Mary, the all-powerful, I support the pope in his mission.

Marie viergeMay 12 - With Mary, who marvels, I express my gratitude.
May 13 - With Mary, I encourage with words of comfort.
May 14 - With Mary, I banish judgements.
May 15 - With Mary, and like Mary, I listen with an attentive ear.
May 16 - With Mary, I care for the elderly and pray for them.
May 17 - With Mary, I look at life with a joyful heart.
May 18 - With Mary, I protect our planet by taking concrete action.

marie mereMay 19 - With Mary, I express my gratitude to someone close to me.
May 20 - With Mary, I say three Hail Marys for young people.
May 21 - With Mary, I give without expecting anything.
May 22 - With Mary, I make a surprise phone call.
May 23 - With Mary, I extend my hand freely.
May 24 - With Mary, I say a kind word to a neighbour or a friend.
May 25 - With Mary, with her universal heart, I pray for the world.


marie magnificatMay 26 - With Mary, with her compassion, I pray for prisoners.
May 27 - With Mary, I meditate in my heart before speaking unnecessarily.
May 28 - With Mary, I lead in joy.
May 29 - With Mary, I show my gratitude.
May 30 - With Mary, I pray for families and grandparents.
May 31 - With Mary, I sing my Magnificat for all that the Lord has done for me.

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