Since its foundation in 1952, the Institute has attracted many young women. As early as 1954, there were so many vocations that the Institute expanded into the mission field internationally. Today, there are more nearly 300 members in approximately twenty countries in America, Europe, and Asia.

The Oblates are often distant from one another geographically but they are united in the same mission. They gather regularly into small teams to share their faith and life experiences. It is there that they are revitalized to meet the demands of their consecrated life, that they develop strong bonds of solidarity and that they support each other mutually to meet daily challenges.

Those who live in remote areas keep in contact with their team members by modern means of communication.


Countries where they are present

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Belgium – Bolivia – Canada – Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Dominican Republic
France - Germany - Haiti - India - Ireland - Italy - Laos
Peru - Republic of Mauritius - Sri Lanka - Thailand - United States - Vietnam

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