Particular period of the pandemic

rita gabriella serafiniI was asked for a testimony on how I experience this particular period of the pandemic.

First of all, I feel a duty to thank the Lord the good health I have always enjoyed. I am privileged because, as a pharmacist, I am part of the health sector and have already received the second dose of the vaccine; I feel more at peace.

From the time of the first announcement of confinement, my first reaction was not of fear but rather of pride; we were among the venues allowed to remain as an essential service. In fact, besides the distribution of drugs, a primary necessity for the population during those days, I often had to counsel and comfort people who entered the pharmacy or called us because they had questions. We were a bridge between patients and doctors; we were more readily accessible. In addition, we worked with Civil Protection to reach Covid patients who needed to be in quarantine. I really had opportunities to practice our third "5".

There were, of course, moments of discouragement; it was difficult to apply all the new regulations: extraordinary cleaning, limited means of personal protection, lack of masks, great fatigue. I worked late night after night.

I greatly missed attending daily Mass as well as the meetings with my Oblate companions and with the friends of the Communion and Liberation movement. With the latter however, we immediately set up the Zoom conference app and continued our weekly meetings. Technology has been an anchor of salvation.

Then, when the churches were able to reopen for worship, I immediately offered my services to do cleaning. It was the first thing to do to ensure security. Though we previously taught catechism or manned the reception center, we were now engaged in cleaning, disinfecting, handing out hand sanitizers and masks, in short, a new form of works of charity.

Retreats and team meetings feed our spirits. We are made to live in fraternity and, to that end, we maintain an unwavering hope. The Lord is always present and he uses us to live his love at every moment.

Rita Gabriella Serafini Italy
March 2021

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