Sunday, 30 April 2023 19:11

The Secular Institute, a brilliant testimony for me!

light oblateIn the tenth year of its existence, I joined this group of young girls to respond to the call that I felt inside. They lived happily and I saw that “giving of themselves without counting” had no limit, as they were so excited to freely and happily be at the service of others. A brilliant testimony for me!

On the other hand, I led myself to believe that the life of a member of a Secular Institute was easy and without constraint. After six months, I discovered that it is rather a privileged living environment, which presented a great challenge for me. This responded to the deep desire that I had, “to give myself without counting” to others in a consecrated secularity.

“If the Oblate thinks of God, if she avoids criticism and complaints, if she is diligent in serving, if she applies herself to spreading peace around her, her mouth, her heart, her conscience are instruments of charity and her whole life is a prayer.” (Father Louis Marie Parent) This is my program for life, I said to myself! I must admit today that nothing is ever certain.

I began my Oblate life quietly and without fanfare, and today I joyfully celebrate my 60 years within the Institute. Yes, the Institute is a living environment in the middle of the world where the happiness of having said “yes” like Mary is experienced.

Adrianna Delisle



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