Sunday, 30 April 2023 16:45

What the Institute Means to Me

missionnaryI searched for a long time, I analyzed and finally I found what I was looking for: a consecrated life in the middle of the world.

I freely committed myself to live with the evangelical counsels of the three vows: chastity, poverty and obedience. My commitment through my vows is a way of assuming my human, Christian and civic responsibility, through a simple and sober form of life within society. This choice opens a path to unconditional love, a path that is great and full of freedom. It is also a commitment to develop a spirit of sharing and justice with respect for the common good.

I live my secular consecration in the open world, and through my professional life. This is a choice that meets the deep values that inhabit me. I try to live the charity of Christ and to be attentive to the realities of my environment. My mission is supported by daily prayer and fraternal life. I create bonds of solidarity between the people I meet in my workplace: between organizations and religious communities.

I very much appreciate team life within the Institute, it allows me to experience fraternal communion. The testimony of companions edifies me and encourages me to develop positive values according to the apostolic attitudes of the second five.

I give thanks to the Lord for my vocation, and all that I receive through the Institute.

Renée Nema


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