Sunday, 30 April 2023 16:28

Always, I will bless the Lord

BlessBlessed art thou for having guided me and called me to live in the Oblate Institute in 1961.
Blessed art thou for our good Father Parent, who was faithful to the breath of the Spirit in founding our Institute.
Blessed art thou for your love that you make grow in my soul through the mysticism of the 5-5-5.
Blessed art thou for having opened my heart to the different people to love in the various environments where you led me, especially my 20 years in Saint-Jovite.
Blessed art thou for these three years in Chad where you spoke to my heart in this poor environment, but rich of heart.
Blessed art thou for bringing me back to my roots in Sorel to sanctify myself and live the charity of Christ by working with You to build thy kingdom.
Blessed art thou for your love, always present and active in the parish, in this living environment of the RPA (residence for the elderly) where you teach me, in my heart and in others, to live each present moment, putting my talents to the service of others.
Every day I will sing of the good you have done me.

Claire Pronovost




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