Sunday, 02 April 2023 19:01

What the Secular Institute allows us to experience

First of all, an interior life focused on Christ (Presence of God) and derived towards others (Being of service). These two anchors allowed me to live in fraternity the charity of Christ.

What beautiful moments experienced with companions who are as sympathetic as they are empathetic, to name a few who have preceded us in the afterlife: Annette, Lily, Catherine, Jeanne-d'Arc and Thérèse, but how many others who are still here with me today and allow me to live fraternity and solidarity in the present.

The Institute also gave me the chance to live with the Montagnais, which allows me to understand the demands of Indigenous peoples today.

For this, I say thank you to the Institute, but especially to the present and past leaders.

Claire Turcotte

village ang  canoe  teepee night  canoe night

Photo: Pixabay

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