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A spirituality for today

spiritualityThere are times when people are in search of spirituality to live a life of faith that makes sense, that nourishes the soul, that invites us to live in harmony and that challenges us to build around ourselves in the name of Christ. If this sounds like you, I’d like to introduce you to a spirituality that’s right for anyone who wants to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

It starts directly from the Gospel, and is very simple: build your life by letting yourself be guided by God’s Will in the present moment, in harmony with others and with yourself.

A positive spirituality in 5 life attitudes inspired by the Holy Spirit to Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I., founder of our secular institute, who wished to leave this legacy to all those who wish to grow in love. Here are our 5 inspiring life attitudes.

1st attitude: Presence of God

Paying attention to God’s presence in the present moment; he’s everywhere, in the person I walk by, in nature, in a sunset I admire and in myself.

2nd attitude: Abstention from destructive criticism
Cultivate a benevolent view of people. Each person is a reflection of God’s goodness. Having tolerance in my heart as the Lord sees the person makes me grow with his or her qualities.

3rd attitude: Abstention from useless complaint
To welcome events positively rather than complain about what happens every day.
Looking for the positive, there’s always some positive, it’s a question of opening my eyes. It puts light on my path and develops my sense of wonder.

4th attitude: Being of service
Concern for others. Jesus became a servant and he invites me to walk in service. It’s a good way to discover my charisms and talents. For my service to be effective, I have to be connected to the very source: Jesus. Mary is my model of availability.

5th attitude: Peacemaker
To strive to foster peace in all circumstances. If I live the first four attitudes to the best of my ability, peace will necessarily come within me and around me.
To become this peace specialist, I have to graft myself onto Jesus, who is the vine that feeds the branches.

So, after reading these attitudes, I invite you to stop and reflect about this in the depths of your heart and then, how about getting going?

Réjeanne Allard

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