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sri lankaInstrument of peace – Sri Lanka 
‘’Where there is Love there will be Peace.’’
If we look at the world around us in all the continents, the main topics being discussed are on ‘WAR’. Why? With Whom?? How??? For What???? The same goes for ‘PEACE’.

My duty is to pray for all these abnormal situations. My responsibility is, to bring love and peace wherever I am involved as a human being and as a Christian.

Christ, himself, is the giver of love and peace. We, his followers, must be the givers of love and peace as well through the simple act of our witnessing and charitable life. Being faithful to our daily tasks can bring peace among us. If we are not punctual and truthful in our working place that will disturb others, provoking unhappy situations; instead of making peace, we destroy peace. Therefore, we must be positive in our life. These little gestures can be offerings of peace and
happiness to God, to our brethren and even, indirectly, to our selves.

Let’s try to go from being GOOD to being BETTER and, finally, to being the BEST.

Reeta Gunanayagam
Oblate from Sri Lanka


vietnam« Peace be with you .... » Jn: 20,19 - Vietnam
All Christians and people of good will are called to engage daily, to build peace and to live peace in their environment.
We all long for peace, peace in our hearts, in our families, in our neighborhoods...

Peacemaker is someone who makes everything centered on God. It is an image of a humble heart, not seeking praise in the world, as long as God knows, that's enough.

When working in the community, in the parish, there are times when we are tired, without a word of praise, sometimes misunderstood, under pressure, say to ourselves: God knows everything, knows what we are doing, what we have to go through, what are we thinking, what are we sacrificing...but when we do work, let's do it as wholeheartedly as working for God, so that we will receive the reward God gives us as an inheritance for us. We can please God only when we live to love God and love our brothers and sisters and we can be messengers of peace, so that our lives and those around us can be peaceful.

Lord, give me your peace. Use me, so that wherever I am, I spread your peace to everyone I meet.

Doan Thi Ngoc Diêp, Oblate from Vietnam




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