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drapeau indeI enjoyed my profession (India)

I, Flora Joseph was born on February 6th 1944. I joined the Institute on 15 August 1968.

I was a teacher for twenty eight years. I enjoyed my profession because I uplifted so many below average students implanting good values in them.

In 1997, I was inspired by the marvellous use of the herbal plant by applying it on my broken nail. I studied about various herbal plants. I also learned about the benefit of Acupuncture. I equipped myself by attending short term courses on Reflexology, Floral and herbal medicine, etc... I felt that God wants me to use these simple less expensive means, having no side effect, to heal the sick and relieve the pain.
Our Institute supported and encouraged me by installing this health care Center, ‘’Peace Illam’’ at Oothu, India.

Acupuncture is a Natural science which involves applaying pressure on points in the palms of the hands and soles of the feets. With this, I identify the nature and the causes of their illness. If I am asked to provide information on this technique, I will do so generously. I received for free , I give for free.
I impart faith to all who contact me by quoting the words of Jesus : ‘’Have faith in God, therefore I tell you, what ever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:23,24.)

Those who have a chronic illness can stay for ten days at the Center. I give them massage with special oil, steam bath and natural food according to their nature of their illness.

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Lily Pushpam, an oblate companion, is a great help in preparing the diets. In addition, we prepare medicines such as pain balm, oil for arthritis pain, skin disease, psoriasis, etc. Many people find release using them.

We pray and meditate with the sick.

I continue to update myself by reading spiritual, medical and spiritiual psychology books.

For several years, I was the responsible of the formation of our oblates companions, sharing my life experiences as best as possible.

I thank God and the Institute for the peace, health and happiness that I enjoy and appreciate.

Flora Joseph, India


drapeau cubaHilda, how do you live charity in Cuba?

“I live in a single movement the love of God and neighbour.” (Const. 1.32)

Three things I can't afford to be without:

1.  An unconditional welcome. Many people with different kinds of problems knock on my door because no one welcomes them. Mary Magdalene reminds me: “It's the Lord!”

2.  Listening. People are suffering, lacking food and medicine, family members moving to other countries. Talking is liberating and gives a new perspective on the same reality.

3.  The sharing of the being and the having. “I have neither silver nor gold, but I will give you what I have.” (Ac. 3:1-7)

Hilda Mateu



Universal face of the institute (1)

Universal face of the institute (2)


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