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Start living again (3)

start living again 3 ENGCompassion: a therapy

Compassion is a quality of the heart, the goodness of the heart that allows itself to be shaped by tolerance, indulgence, patience, forgiveness, by overlooking the other person's fault.

Compassion really is a therapy that takes you out of yourself, makes you see others who are less well off than you are, and encourages you to work with them to help them find their balance.

Compassion is a spare wheel that allows you to reach the limits of your tenderness for yourself and for others. Compassion is a divine force that greatly helps overcome your suffering.

Compassion is a kindness that first works within us. It empties the head of its own worries, cleansing the heart of any aggression, resentment or grudges, pooling energies, making one less vulnerable, as it makes its way through difficulties that cease to be walls and become a test of the solidity of its being.

Compassion is a richness of the heart that springs forth as tenderness for oneself and for others. Tenderness is the richest fruit of compassion.

Forgiveness exists in every heart; it's just a question of seeking it out. On the day of our baptism, the roots of goodness were readjusted in each of us.

So, the skills to be good are already in place, and you can take on responsibilities and live as free as the air on a mountain top.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieu”, Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.


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