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Since its foundation in 1952, the Institute has attracted many young women. As early as 1954, there were so many vocations that the Institute expanded into the mission field internationally.. Today, there are more nearly 400 members in approximately twenty countries in America, Europe, and Asia.

The mission commits the Oblate to be a responsible Christian presence in the world, to exercise a transforming action within temporal realities in order to make them more just and more humane.

Haiti flagWith Marie-Cécile, how are you a peacemaker in Haiti?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God (Matthew 5:9).

We live in a world where peace is slipping away, and being a peacemaker is a constant challenge.

These words of Saint Matthew are a stimulus to help us taste the fruit of the Spirit, which is peace. Through our spirituality, we Oblates are invited to bare ourselves further in order to be “peacemakers.”

In Haiti, sowing peace is more than a challenge, but out of love and thanks to our consecration at the heart of the world, we are striving to enter into this practice, which is becoming a real leaven to make our secular dough rise.

From my own experience, I urge you to live as peacemakers by monitoring our attitudes, looking first and foremost for the positive in everyone and everything around us.

PEACE is the reality that we must all seek to live.

Marie Cécile Printemps

canada flag

In the presence of Marie-Thérèse, how are you a peacemaker in Canada?

Having a new TV server at the Residence, I programmed the Assumption Novena for the residents who were unable to do so themselves. After this thoughtfulness, they were happy to be able to follow the Novena, and I was happy to have brought them more peace. (MTG)

Marie-Thérèse Gagné





flag crowd usaAnd you Claudette, how are you a peacemaker in the United States?

In this society, there are a lot of arguments on various issues such as politics, illegal immigration impacting society today. People are angry and upset. I try very hard to present an opinion without holding on to it. It is not important to have the last word but rather to allow others to believe what they present, as long as I bring forth a charitable spirit.

Claudette Cyr





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