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You know how to love! (2)

2 spiritualité juillet 2024 depliant face ANG2. Being Considerate

Thoughtfulness is an attitude of the heart that anticipates the desires of others. I don't live alone; I have talents and qualities that others don't have, just as they have some that I don't have. With others, I'm a complementary being. Without me, others lack something. Without them, I'm often deprived, lacking. I need them; they need me. Together, life is not only bearable... it's enjoyable.

Who can really stop me from being considerate? Surely not God, since He asks me to love others as He loves them. Certainly not others, since they are thirsty for love and attention. This is my privilege, the fruit of my efforts. I was made, even more so, to live from my heart than from my head. Love doesn't make you's life itself.

I'm always on the lookout for people I meet, and I make it my duty to say hello to everyone, to ask about their health, to offer myself for a few small services.

I'll taste the joy of giving; I'll grow from sharing. I'm never alone ... along the path of my devotion.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieu”, Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

You know how to love! 1. Delicacy.  

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