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Time... is wealth (3)

part three time engMany people solicit time.

We are not alone in life. We must take others into account. We have rights, but we also have duties. Human beings are so different that they are, by necessity, obliged to resort to one another.

We need others every day, just as others need us. I need food, soap, a piece of furniture; at the end of each need, there is a crowd of people who work to fulfill my needs.

During a general strike, I am really deprived and I realize that, if I were alone, I would return to the stoneage and I would be in unbearable misery.

We live in an interdependent world, which means that we must have the time to share, to exchange views. Someone around us needs attention, sometimes it's a person who is ill, sometimes it's someone needs a favor.

Many people solicit us for a listening ear. There is always someone who feels the need to be heard. At the same time, it can happen that what I demand for myself, someone else also demands.

The others do not have to take us in hand, they need not to dominate us or manipulate us to bring us to their way of thinking. The most they are allowed to do is to make suggestions, to give their opinion without imposing it. We are always free to accept or reject a recommendation.

By protecting ourselves, we also protect time, this wealth that I cannot be without.

Extract from the Collection Volontaires de Dieu (Volunteers of God): Le temps est une richesse (Time is Wealth)/ Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.


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