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Time… is wealth (1)

one time is life. eng1. Time is life

Time is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste time is to waste life. To control time is to manage one's life. To control time is to control oneself.

When we talk about making good use of time, it is not simply a matter of achieving a material output where we do a maximum of things in a minimum of time. It is rather a question of discovering the richness of time. It flows, it passes, it is a formidable instrument that allows you to do a lot, to work with a minimum of fatigue, to do more things and to do them better, to make life more interesting.

Time and motivation work together. They both have an alliance to which they must be faithful. Time without positive motivation is doomed; motivation without taking time into account is a dream, an illusion. Everyone has enough time to realize their desires, to realize their dreams, to plan their lives.

Many busy people get things done because time, motivation and thought go hand in hand in a friendly agreement. No one has more time than their neighbour. Everyone has the same amount of time at their disposal, twenty-four hours a day, an equal present moment for all. The only difference is how to use it.

To make good use of one's time, one must know oneself, be able to analyze one's reflexes and discover one's tendencies.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieuˮ: Time… is Wealth / Father Louis-Marie Parent, o.m.i. (September 1983)

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