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Time… is wealth (2)

2. Discovering trends

partie deux le temps engI ask myself some questions to clarify who I am. Am I a perfectionist? A super-active person?

If I am a perfectionist, I will have difficulty using my time well, and I will develop a kind of fear of not succeeding, a fear of being too slow and of not meeting the expectations of others. [...]

The perfectionist is more concerned with putting his thoughts and ideas in order than with producing something concrete. [...] He lacks confidence in himself and in others.

[...] The perfectionist has a tendency to procrastinate. The perfectionist wants to be sure before acting and cannot make up his mind. He misses many opportunities and ends up ignoring the needs of others.

Am I super active? I have so much to do. I touch everything, I run around all day and I never finish anything. I'm nervous, tense, brusque. I never take the time to stop, to evaluate my performance, to take stock of my resources. The super-active rarely takes advice from others. He is generally feared; he thinks he is entitled to show off his experiences, to cite himself as a model. He manipulates a lot of things, he displaces a lot of people, he gives the impression of walking or running for nothing.

[...] Each person, being different from the others, must apply himself to the administration of time. Needs vary with age and temperament, with the seasons and events, and this must be taken into account.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieu”: Time… is Wealth / Father Louis-Marie Parent, OMI (September 1983)


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