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How to free yourself from your fears? Conclusion part 1-2-3

How to free yourself Conclusion engIt is strange to note that one must take care to free oneself, before being able to render service to others. Who doesn't have complexes, who can boast of being solid as rock, who isn't blocked by a few fears that are difficult to reason with? We live in a troubled world where reason contests everything and where the heart can hardly breathe.

Friendships are fragile, changes in the direction of one’s life are commonplace. Patience and tolerance are tested...

Is it not possible to find ways to calm down, to build an oasis in today's world where rest and relaxation would make it possible to aspire to a relative happiness for human beings to enjoy?

To unburden yourself of your fears, to minimize complexes, to find balance, to live to the fullest and reach fulfilment, try the following: create a true image of yourself, do not to magnify obstacles, believe in your qualities, entrust yourself to God.

Personal reflection
1. Do you have friends who believe in who you are and what you do?
2. Do you believe in your qualities? What kind of compliments do you receive from others?
3. Are there people who ask you for advice, who listen to you with interest, who say that you have changed something in them?
4. Do you tend to imitate others? What do you think of your personal independence?

Excerpt from the Collection Volunteers of God, “How to free yourself from your fears?” by Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

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