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How to free yourself from your fears? (1)

un comment se libérer de ses peurs engl1. Create a true image of yourself

Who is not vulnerable, who does not feel broken when hearing malicious gossip, slander or sarcasm about them? We are aware of all the good that we say about ourselves, we do not always believe it, but we convince ourselves that those who speak well of others are friendly, kind, courteous. We dwell more on their attitude towards us than on the truths they reveal about us.

To evolve, it is necessary to take stock of our possibilities by developing our ability to concentrate on ourselves, and by accepting the help of others, which is essential to arrive at a satisfactory knowledge of ourselves.

It is good to relive the hours of wonder of our childhood, to find in the depths of our subconscious the kind words that we cannot forget, the friendly gestures, the signs of trust, the freedom that our parents left us.

Others can tell us about our positive values, but it is up to us to cultivate them.

Happy are those who get up in the morning, their hearts full of joy, their faces lit up with smiles.

Excerpt from the Collection Volunteers of God,
“How to free yourself from your fears?” by Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

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