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How to free yourself from your fears? (2)

How to free yourself from your fears deux engl2. Not magnifying the obstacles

Many excel at damaging themselves by fabricating obstacles in their imaginations that they easily magnify and which disrupt more positive human mechanisms.

We can give two meanings to the imagination. It produces images that are more or less clear, more or less abundant, more or less positive. It also allows inventiveness, fantasy, originality.

When an obstacle stands in our way, we must first avoid panic. Obstacles are everywhere and in all human lives. You have to live through them and make the most of them.

Let's dissect the obstacle, look at the role of the people, their involvement in the problem, study the circumstances, occupy our mind instead of letting it drift, carried away by our overexcited or rebellious imagination.

Let's use our imagination to minimize the obstacles, to bring them to size with the confidence we have in ourselves.

Thus stripped of our fears, we will continue to live optimistically and we will rediscover those marvelous impulses that enthusiasm activates.

Excerpt from the Collection Volunteers of God,
“How to free yourself from your fears?” by Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.


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