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Is it possible to be happy ? (2)

deux est il possible detre heureux eng

2. Some thoughts on happiness.

Happiness is not the jackpot in a lottery nor is it the reward of a hard life; it is not something that is gained by effort, it is not something that is owed to me by virtue of neither my intelligence nor the energies I have invested.

Happiness does not come from others, it comes from oneself, it is within oneself; it supposes constant attention and a certain amount of introspection. Happiness is deep within my being, as my heart is in my rib cage, as blood is in my veins, as my thoughts are in my mind, as my energies are in my being. Happiness is within me, if I don't pay attention, other strong thoughts will direct my energies elsewhere.

Happiness does not come to me from others, it is not rain that falls on my head, and it is not a bank book, a new car, a fur coat, flourishing health or the rise of sought-after popularity. It is a mind-set that awakens me to pick up on my journey the thousand and one little joys, the smile of a child, the benevolent and fraternal gaze of an admired person or the fun of a card game with friends.

I have to realize that peace and serenity flow out of my mind-set as does the sense of my being, my awareness of what I am. I have simply to practice a few positive qualities every day and I will feel a sense of happiness come over me, I will be comfortable not only in my skin, but also in my conscience and in my heart.

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From the Volunteers of God Collection: "Is it possible to be happy?” by Louis-Marie Parent, o.m.i.

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