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Is it possible to be happy ? (1)

est il possible detre heureux un engl

1. Happiness is considered by the Wise to be true medicine.

Happiness can be seen in happy people, it is really a state of mind in which one entertains optimistic, realistic, positive and pleasant thoughts. Then, one’s whole being is bathed in peace; thoughts are serene, feelings warm, emotions calm and well rested physically. It is often said that everyone is the maker of their own happiness.

In every human we discover qualities of love, attention seeking and affection. We feel that they want to understand others, communicate and establish friendly relationships. You can tell they are hungry for freedom, that they want others to accept them for who they are.

If everyone strove to live just one positive quality per day every 24 hours, the whole world would be transformed. Each would become an orchestral conductor who would bring to light, on themes of peace and happiness, the genius of the musicians who are listening.

To be happy is to refer back to the source of happiness that is within oneself. This source is never lost, it sleeps within oneself, it is up to each one to awaken it in order to draw one’s joie de vivre from it, peace and order and the need to share with others.

The foundations of happiness are the positive qualities, the various strengths deposited in the human being by the Author of nature, the Creator. This happiness, I can make it spring from my being if I am aware of its dynamic. I must use these riches for the development of my personality.

From the Volunteers of God Collection: "Is it possible to be happy? »Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

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