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Trust... but why ? (part-1)

un eng facedéplian tfaire confiance part un

1. Welcome and accept the other as he is, unconditionally.

When I accept myself and when I will be free to live my human style, then I will be ready to welcome the other, whatever things they feel, they say, they do, they live. I will accept them, I will continue to love them, appreciate them.

As we know ourselves, we realise that we are different from the other. Because we are different, we want a single focus, adjustable to our needs. We must therefore treat others with the same measure, starting from this truth, that they are unique and different, that is to say, they do not have the same reflexes, the same tastes, the same ways of thinking and expressing themselves.

Welcome, accept others, is to consent to leave them as they are, without requiring them to change neither their positive qualities nor their shortcomings. You must love the angry and leave him free to make his anger.

To open ourselves to others, accept them unconditionally, assumes serious training, a habit to live the depths of our being, to internalize, to reflect, to consult our “inner self”, to evaluate the positive values of others too. We really welcome if we put heart, life and warmth; if we accept someone not for what he brings to us, but for what he is, without condition.

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