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Trust…but why? (part 3)

facedéplian tfaire confiance part trois engl3. Trust.

Each one possesses in himself the source of trust. This source is supplied by all the positive qualities that a human being possesses. This source leads to life at a time when we become aware of our internal dynamics, its positive trends, its natural resources, at a time when one realizes that one has wonderful qualities and sufficiently effective to build healthy relationships with others.

Accept others as you want to be accepted yourself. Trust, love the others simply, believe that we can help them without acting for them, leave them free, autonomous, able to handhold their own lives, to assume their own responsibility, this is what every human being expects from us. Those who love us, we really feel it, are those who trust us.

Confidence is the source of life that feeds the strong friendships, which irrigates all our being, who has the talent to bring forth strengths that we were not aware of, even if we possess them since long.

When we express emotions of happiness, self-confidence, experience of success, we feel alive.

Every day we should make a list of things that we liked, things at which we have been successful, joys that others have given us and analyze our inside to savor the peace that comes from a fully achieved being.

Extract of the Collection Volunteers of God Louis-Marie Parent, o.m.i.

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