Monday, 30 August 2021 10:21

A providential period for those who believe in Love

tem sept coeur mariap photo pascazio jggrzpixabayLiving in the present moment is the most effective way to face this difficult time.

With the help of the present moment reality, my life during the pandemic was overflowing with gestures and feelings of welcoming the will of God that made me grow in the virtue of patience and the ability to be silent and to listen to the Lord’s voice in my heart.

Living our spirituality with calm and tranquility was a gift that was not always appreciated when I was involved in activities outside the home.

Staying at home has been more fruitful because it has helped me to be closer to many people, first with prayer and then with the use of modern means of communication.

Then live in the presence of God at all times, not always be ready to criticize the work of authorities for the inefficiencies and incompetence in the management of the pandemic, not to complain about the restrictions, but to take the opportunity to improve order in my heart and in everyday reality.

Whenever possible, I was available to be helpful in some activities and then be kind in difficult situations, believing that we have done all we can to live this reality in the best possible way and in peace.

These are the feelings that help me live in love during these difficult days.

Maria P.


Photo: jggrz de Pixabay


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