Friday, 29 October 2021 00:16

I abandon myself to the Lord

main tendueIn 2019, I was diagnosed with cancer, a tumour. I stopped working and asked people to pray.

I can tell you that I felt all this grand and merciful love from the Eternal Father and his son Jesus. They made me understand that I was loved by them, and I experienced this love through all the stages of this illness and still today. Thanks to all the people who helped me, listened to me, took care of me (family, priest, doctors, volunteers, oblates…)

I saw and felt this presence of love that makes you happy, joyful, confident. This inner well-being. With words, it is not always easy to describe but to live in the present moment, it is wonderful.

This year, I started to work gradually again. It is so beautiful to see nature and all that God has created. I give thanks to Him, to His Son Jesus, to the Virgin Mary, our mother.

I am now in remission. I abandon myself to the Lord. Live in the present moment with the Lord. I ask Him to share this love with our neighbours. With all this pandemic, we need the Lord.

Christine Brunet, Hull-Gatineau Volunteer

Photo: Kevin Phillips de Pixabay

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