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To be in spiritual and virtual communion

bible ciergeSince my health no longer allows me to take part in the Eucharistic celebrations in my parish, I participate differently through the televised Mass or on my laptop. I prepare myself by creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer with an Icon of the Word and a lighted candle, small gestures that make all the difference.

Having before me my Icon and my lighted candle - two blessed sacramentals which are tangible, sacred signs that bear a spiritual reality - allows me to be more PRESENT, more aware of the Great Mystery of Faith of Transubstantiation which takes place during the Eucharistic Celebration. This environmental setting increases my desire to more deeply understand the meaning of sacramentals and their symbolism according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (articles 1667-1679).

I feel greater intimacy with Christ who presents himself to me, in union with the whole Church, in communion with the people who join in this celebration and with whom we form a small virtual community, with my companions of the Institute, the people I carry in my heart and all the prayer intentions entrusted to me. Through communion with this bread and this wine, we become the Body of Christ, an extension through spiritual communion, meditation, prayer… (Prayer Life, Constitutions 1.18-1.25) .

[... Pope Francis explained the notion of 'memorial': “Jesus did not leave us just words, because it is easy to forget what we read. …He left us bread in which he is truly present, alive and true, with all the flavor of his love so every time people receive him, they can say, ‘He is the Lord; he remembers me!’” He also underlined the healing power of Eucharistic adoration: “Adoration continues the effect of the Mass in us...” (Extract from the pope's message, In the Eucharist God heals, June 14, 2020).

pierrette levesque menuPierrette Lévesque
North America East Region
March 2021

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