Tuesday, 31 January 2023 21:41

Lord, what do you want me to do?

culture bThis is a request that I made to Him even before I joined the Institute and that I still make regularly.

As soon as I entered the Institute, it allowed me to continue my studies in order to better carry out the work that gave meaning to my life and allowed me to respond to my desire to live my mission there and as the Lord wants, while remaining in the world.

The spirit of the charism responds well to my aspiration in how I can respond to what the Lord expects of me each day: constant availability to His will, living His love, being of service, following the example of Mary.

A reflection of Saint Ignatius of Loyola inspires me a lot in my being of service: “Put your trust in the Lord as if everything depended on you and not on Him, and give yourself over to action as if everything depended on Him and not on you.” So, the Lord asks me to do what I can and He does the rest...

The Institute is also the place where I experience daily the richness of collaboration and sharing. It allows me to discover the richness of different cultures, to open my heart to solidarity and mutual aid.

The annual renewal of my commitment by vows is, for me, a beautiful opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of His love, for it is He who has called me. May He give me the gift of always being faithful to this call and to His love.

Mariette Vallières

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