Monday, 04 September 2023 14:47

Serving Like the Volunteers of God

missionary serviceThe word SERVE can sometimes be frightening when it evokes a relationship of inferiority towards others. For me, “Being of service” means helping someone by being helpful and available. To be open to the needs of others is to give, to offer, to present and to be more “voluntary” in the hand of others.

Jesus, by making himself a servant, invites me to follow in his footsteps and to remain in a state of service.

Being of service doesn't just mean doing favors when it suits me; on the contrary, it means being attentive, respectful and more attuned to the needs of others.

foot washingIt's impossible to define yourself as a person of service by ignoring others.

Let's remember that every time I serve someone, I am serving God. All service must be free, without obligation.

Service is beneficial to the normal development of one's personality, one's character, one's whole being. Agreeing to serve, officially recognizing oneself as a person of service, is a sign of physical, moral and spiritual health.

Let's open our eyes because there is no shortage of opportunities to serve. To serve is to live like Jesus. When I'm with someone, I try to give 100% of myself, especially by being present and listening.

Life goes by quickly, so why not take a few minutes to call a friend, a family member or a neighbour. Unfortunately, all too often we miss this opportunity.

Finally, let's not forget that small gestures are good services. I often repeat this phrase: “Lord, I pledge to serve you by serving my brothers and sisters.”

Maribel Mendoza, Volunteer of God in Drummondville

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