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New edition Sparks of Life, august-november 2023

In this edition of Sparks of Life, we shall continue this theme of peace, emphasizing, among other things, the role of listening in producing a dialogue that builds peace in our relationships. But isn't the road to peace strewn with both great difficulties and great satisfactions?

As a novelty this time, we will also have the opinions of people who present themselves as "friends" of the Volunteers. These people are beginning to acquire knowledge of the spirituality of the Volunteers and, at the same time, they manifest a long experience in spiritual life. They are, therefore, able to share with us, too, the fruit of their reflections on peace based on their faith experiences. This opens new horizons for our magazine.

In closing, for any questions, needs or information, I invite you to contact me at this new internet address: If, however, you wish to join the secretariate of the Volunteers of God, you must do so by this email address:

Violaine Couture, Oblate from Canada
Coordinator for English-speaking and
French-speaking sectors

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