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Thought of Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I. / Reflection 2

Reflection and thought 2 nov 2023 eng

Charity is radiating in one's milieu the flame that blazes in our heart. Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

Reflections on the following thought:

To be able to radiate Christ's love, you need to have it very much alive in your heart, so that it overflows. This charity-love I can sow through gestures, however small, that will make the people that God puts in my path happier every day. What do you think?
An example: In the elevator, I quite often met a very taciturn gentleman. I started by smiling at him as he got into the elevator. A little later I said “Hello”. He didn't reply. For the past few weeks, however, he's been greeting me with a smile.

Solange Beaudoin

Reflection - b:

I would say: charity is letting your heart be moved by the needs of others...

Marie-Thérèse Gagné

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