Wednesday, 29 November 2023 22:36

Thought of Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I. / Reflection 3

reflexion thought 3 dec 2023 eng
Sharing is learning to give without humiliating; it is learning to receive with simplicity. Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

Reflections on the following thought:
Sharing means learning to give without showing superiority over others, and learning to receive with simplicity and even humility. Learning means practicing to get there... and/or improving to become so.
E.g.: Giving to a hobo in front of other people. Am I comfortable sharing in front of others? And at what level? Do I have a sympathetic manner or gaze? Do I go further in my approach with him? Is that a good thing? You can always go a step further and learn from others too.

Lucille Plante

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