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Thought of Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I. / Reflection 1

Reflection and thought 1 eng

The peacemaker focuses, above all, on the positive aspects of others, patiently seeking to detect qualities
and gifts in them... Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.


Reflections on the following thought:

I regularly meet my friend Diane. Most of the time, she talks to me about her unhappy memories.
After listening to her again and again, I remind her that I'd also like to hear about her wonderful and happy
life experiences.
After a few minutes' reflection, she says that her children bring her great happiness.
Denis, her son, is married, and his grandchildren visit her regularly. Linda, her daughter, loves her work.
Isn't it a great joy to remember the happy moments of our lives?
These words show me that there are many ways of being a peacemaker.

Lise Jacques







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