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How does exercising the 5 attitudes of life “facilitate” the realization of my mission?

BérangèreThe question brings to mind that it was the 5 points that first attracted me to join the OMMI Institute:  I immediately loved and adopted that spirituality. I saw it as a “program” that bundled the strong point of the Gospel, a program complete in itself and, in few words, a way of adhering to all dimensions indispensable to the life of a Christian and, more particularly, to consecrated life.

Father Parent, OMI, founder of the Institute, expressed the mission in a variety of ways: the mission of the Institute is a mission of CHARITY that requires:a fully alive relationship with God,precise and demanding ways of living fraternal charity (absence of destructive criticism, interior and exterior) and of responding to difficulties that affect me (absence of useless complaint, interior and exterior).

The fruits that emanate from these are joy in serving and in radiating PEACE.

Where else can the expression such a self-realizing and demanding life-style be found!

When I focus on living the 5 points I am more alive and joyful.

I feel it in my contacts with others; I tend to be charitable and less judgmental in my view of others and of events;
I strive to be more positive and seek out ways of being of help.

I am better equipped to carry out the mission to which I am called. I believe that in living the attitudes of life I lay my stone in the transformation of the world, discreetly, like leaven in the dough. Like Christ, I can manifest to all persons the unconditional love of the Father; I am all set to love.

Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Mary, for showing me theway, for accompanying me.

Bérangère F.

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