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What does the Secular Institute mean to me?

love instituteI entered the Institute at the age of 17. I received from my parents what a child should learn and know early in life.

When I entered on May 13, 1958, some companions gave me the formation to become a good Oblate according to the standards of the Institute. I remember when a directress helped me become a responsible person so that in turn, I could help others.

I have very good memories of Denise Mathieu, who introduced me to social work. I went with her to learn how to help a lady, how to do housework, etc. Even today, this family keeps in touch with me. What kindness from the good Lord!

In the Institute, I learned to live in a group, in a team. I really liked it. There was a lot of mutual help.

The adult I have become is thanks to the Institute, which has kept me committed so that my journey continues. Even if sometimes the road becomes more difficult, I know the Lord is always there.

Thank you, Jesus, for sending me your Holy Spirit

Albertine Landry, Rouyn-Noranda

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