Monday, 04 July 2022 10:47

I knew that God was calling me

bible secular instituteI felt the call to consecrated life strongly throughout my entire life and have met and worked with various members of religious communities. But, I continued to realize that, although I greatly respected the communities many of my friends and co-workers belonged to, I knew in my heart that was not the consecration God was calling me to.

Then I was introduced to the OMMI’s through Bishop Gerry Wiesner and got to know the OMMI’s of Western Canada, and all of a sudden my call to consecrated life started to make sense to me!!

My desire to live a simple life, being open to offer my gifts to others without being separated by things such as a title or habit felt right for me. Things such as finding God in everyday life and availability were already major parts of living my faith journey. And the more I learned about the 5 attitudes, the more I saw this as a guiding light on my life’s pathway!! (Especially as numbers 3 and 4 continue to challenge me each day and keep me aware of God’s continuous call to growth in faith, hope and love!)

Marian G. Regina, Saskatchewan


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