Sunday, 03 July 2022 15:56

An ever-present spirituality

bible missionarySixty-three years ago, the Lord called me to live a form of secular consecration because it is lived in the midst of the world. In this Institute, with a well-organized spirituality that is still true today, the members are offered attitudes of life which, although spiritual, are first and foremost human centered. They aim to develop the mentality of Christ, little by little.

Out of these attitudes, some appealed to me more. Like “don’t judge and you will not be judged,” which calls for patience and tolerance. Likewise, overcome the natural tendency to complain unnecessarily by welcoming and consciously accepting the whims of life, whatever they may be. These attitudes directly affect relationships with others and create a more favourable climate for communication.

I am grateful to the Institute for welcoming me and for drawing my attention to these manifestations of tolerance and benevolence that Jesus himself asked us to observe. Now living in a new living environment, this invitation incites me more than ever to live in this state of mind, thus helping to create a healthier and more serene living environment.

I like to keep growing from these words that Father Parent left us: “Where there is complaint, wonder disappears. Where there is wonder, the soul is ready for contemplation.”

Denise G.


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