Sunday, 03 July 2022 13:17

A prayerful celebration under the title of the Visitation

Missionary women with burning hearts.

femmes missionnaires

What a beautiful day we had! What a loving experience I had at this 70th anniversary reunion party… to see these missionary women with burning hearts in action come alive. We are like family.

I came back filled with your joy, faith and self-sacrifice...

The celebration, animation, songs, welcome, meal, friendship, and history all made the day a success.

Thank you for the invitation, it is engraved in my heart forever... Friendship.

Suzelle Doucet of La Tuque, Volunteers of God of La Tuque



A warm and welcoming secular institute

two oblatesI describe it as a breath of love. A warm welcome. Frank smiles. A prayerful celebration under the title of the Visitation.

Thanks to Jacqueline Lemay, I have rediscovered the songs of my youth. This afternoon, I sang them with a CHSLD resident who has Alzheimer’s. She knew them. It made her heart happy... and mine too.

It was a celebration. A beautiful love story that lasts. Thank you for the invitation. I love you all.

Nicole Nault of La Tuque, Volunteers of God of La Tuque


A meeting full of love and friendship!

fete oblateIt is always wonderful whenever we are invited by the Oblates. They are welcoming, simple and dedicated. Celebrating their 70th on the day of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary is a good way to get closer.

Like Mary with her cousin, they come to us and are filled with the Holy Spirit who accompanies them everywhere in their mission.

This day has nourished me spiritually. Thank you for this!

Lise Lacroix, Volunteers of God of La Tuque




 Volontaire de dieu la tuque
The Volunteers of God of La Tuque

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