Wednesday, 23 February 2022 19:40

The meetings of the Spanish-speaking Volunteers of God

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Saint Teresa of Jesus said "God writes straight with crooked lines", only in this way I can understand the wonderful experience that the Volunteers of God, an associated group of the OMMI, have lived throughout the past year in the midst of this terrible pandemic.

It is incredible to discover that through technology more than 70 people between men and women from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Spain have stayed connected to live through small reflections, the 5 attitudes of life and what's more, we have been able to keep alive a chain of prayer for the members and relatives of the group of the Volunteers of God and the whole world.

We have also held virtual meetings every month, delving into different topics where the reflection of the gospel and the deepening of our spirituality stood out. It is interesting to note that through these meetings we have been able to get to know each other a little more each day, and it has all been because God and his Holy Mother have acted, and we have been docile to allow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, making this Spanish-speaking group a dynamic group with a lot of spiritual vitality.

In the same way, we must highlight the role of our dear Oblates who have always accompanied us, participating in our meetings, who remind us that we are an intrinsic part of the Institute, we are the associated group that seeks to promote in our homes, in our environment and in the whole world the spirituality that Father Parent left us, which also makes us walk straight through paths that are sometimes crooked.

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Volunteers of God

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