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Brief history of the Montreal Volunteers of God

ecrire plume menuThe Volunteers of God have existed in the Montreal area for a number of years. A first team was set up and it is in this group that I made my debut. I stayed with that team for 2 years till a new group was created on the West Island in Dorval. This team, composed of around 5 or 6 members, still exists and meets every month.

Due to the long distance we had to travel to attend the meetings in Dorval, my partner Jean-Claude and I proceeded to organize a new group which covers Pincourt and Vaudreuil-Dorion. Of the original 9 members in this region, 5 of us remain on the team.

We usually meet once a month to reflect on the spirituality of the 5 attitudes of life and on the theme proposed each year by our Central Team in Trois-Rivières. We also receive the “Sparks of Life” magazine which contains material for reflection.

More recently, we have not been meeting in person because of the pandemic but we continue to receive phone calls or texts from the Central Team and stay in touch with other Volunteer teams in the region. We are all committed to living our MISSION which is To live the love of Christ everywhere in the present moment.

Andree Labbé
Montreal Volunteer of God

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