Sunday, 30 April 2023 17:14

An official Facebook page for the Volunteers of God

facebook volontaires de dieu

The Volunteers of God now have an official Facebook page that uses four languages, according to its subscribers: French, English, Spanish and Italian. Italian? That's right! We have about 20 Italian subscribers, and we occasionally publish news or thoughts in Italian along with the other three official languages of the Volunteers of God.

Why have a Facebook page? To make the Volunteers of God known, as well as the spirituality that animates them and to propose the five attitudes of life as a means to build a more peaceful, more just and more loving world.

It allows us to be in direct contact with our subscribers, to read their questions and be able to answer them in a short time. It is also a place to post our upcoming activities, outings, meetings, and events of all kinds in person and on ZOOM.

Hope to see you there soon!

Violaine Couture
Coordinator for the French and English-speaking sectors
and Esther Acuña
Coordinator for the Spanish-speaking sector

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