Sunday, 03 July 2022 14:24

You are good

The good weather often leads us to take a few moments to enjoy it. With the heartfelt prayer of Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I. let us take
the time to recognize the love of God, so good towards us, in our daily life.


Lord, you are good, you are wonderful,
Your words are truth, your heart is friendship,
You pour out your grace on those who seek you.

You make friend of all those
who turn their gaze to you.
My salvation has become your own cause.

Lord be forever blessed
For your beauty, for the brilliance of your glory,
For your goodness, for your Providence and for your forgiveness.

Lord be loved and blessed
For your faithfulness, for your loyalty, for your righteousness.
You teach me.
You make me love justice, hate evil;
You remove obstacles from my path,
You hold me by the hand, you protect me,
You guide me, you keep me safe, you trust me,
You associate me with the work of your Son,
You direct my rhythm
By placing me under the movement of your Spirit.

You are my Lord, my King, my Father, my All.
I bow down before you;
My heart, filled with your silence, savors your goodness,
My lips speak your praises,
in quiet reflection,
my whole being is enveloped in your peace.

Be adored everywhere and by all.


Taken from the book: “I welcome you” page 88
Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

Photo: Aaron Cabrera de Pixabay

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