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You ask me to love

aimer missionnaireIn this dramatic time of disastrous history that we presently hear
and see unfolding through the eyes of war, strong feelings can
overwhelm us.

Let us pray with conviction the prayer of
Father Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.
which centers us on the mercy of God.


Lord, you ask me to love my enemies;
without your help, I will never make it...
How do you expect me to be able to love
selfish people who think only of themselves,
the proud who crush those around them
with their self-sufficiency?

How can I be indulgent
for the well-fed in constant search of new comforts,
while crowds of marginalized
can't pull themselves out of poverty?

How do you want me to have mercy for the exploiters
who accuse the heavens for the misdeeds of the world,
as they use their strengths, their talents
to spread discouragement, insecurity and misery around them?

How do you expect me to have sympathy
for the self-centered rich who increase
their wealth on the backs of the poor?

Lord, you ask me not to reason,
to love all these people, to pray for them,
to listen to them, to look for what is best for them,
to embrace them with both arms
so that your grace reaches them.

Lord, fill me with your light,
embrace me with your warmth,
give me your heart, your eyes, your language,
your arms, your love, your forgiveness, your tenderness. Amen.

Taken from the book: “I Welcome You,” Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I., p. 204

Photo: Bruno Germany de Pixabay

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