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Friday, 28 May 2021 22:32

Charity of Christ from day to day

jeannette mougenotAs I age, age, I no longer engage in scheduled activities. I try to live charity in the ordinariness of everyday life. Pope Francis' encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" challenges me very strongly on the quality of my relationship with others.

Expressing oneself, listening to each other, looking at each other, getting to know each other, trying to understand each other, looking for opportunities to connect, all of this can be summed up by the verb `` to dialogue '' (FT, #198), be it with relatives, neighbors, villagers, parishioners or companions whether in writing or by telephone. When the weather permits, my sister and I walk around the village. We greet everyone; the response is always very cordial. The conversation easily takes on a very positive and even edifying tone concerning all that makes up the life of a village:

- In the morning, when I wake up, I ask my sister: "Did you sleep well?" The conversation begins with planning the unfolding of the day: appointments, walk, meals, etc. Having recently undergone surgery she needs help.

- A neighbor, whose husband suffered a serious stroke during the first lock-down, often laments: "Why us? Is he going to walk again?" I listen and I remind her of everything that doctors and various support agencies do for him every day.

- M. comes out of his garden. “Have you already planted? Oh no, it's too cold.” The dialogue begins: “Every morning and every evening I speak to God. I thank Him for life, for the good soil that I cultivate, for what I will plant and harvest,” he says, adding, "I don't know if it's a prayer but it makes me feel good". I reassure him. "Of course it's a prayer."

- F. is 90 years old. He lives alone. Every Sunday, I bring him Communion and he always tells me the same things: his illnesses, the number of grandchildren he has. I tell him about mass I just attended. Every Sunday it's the same repetition, but his thanks and his smile become a moment of grace for me.

- Today I meet with a lady who knits wool squares then sews them together to make pretty blankets. My task is to deliver these to others who channel them to charities. We have a good chat. She doesn't go out anymore. Nonetheless, she is up-to-date on all the news and she loves everyone!

The meeting itself is trivial but recognizing the Presence of God in it is a requirement for living the charity of Christ.

Jeannette M.

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Friday, 28 May 2021 22:16

My achievements, (part 1)

mes réalisation partie un eng

My achievements, (part 1)       
After an accident involving fractures, I needed to regain my fine motor skills as well as my manual dexterity.
I registered with art workshops. These, while enhancing the development of my artistic talent, also allowed me to get involved with people of my age, listening, sharing and creating friendships as I remain active with seniors.
This is a snippet of my accomplishments. Jacqueline Légaré


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Friday, 28 May 2021 21:34

Trust… but why? (part 2)

deux face déplian faire confiance part deux eng2. Respect the freedom of others.

The more we evolve, the more we feel the need to be free. We can dictate a lot of things to children, we can impose a lot of rules on them; they are docile by nature. Adolescents desire freedom and may even display some violence against those who want to dominate them. Adults may speak less, but they too want freedom and respect for their initiatives.

We can help others by our love, by our understanding, by sharing information when it is requested. Advice guides, information respects freedom. What we can do to help is to create an atmosphere of freedom and trust, an atmosphere of warmth, of love around friends by allowing them to remain what they are whether they are positive or negative. A day will come when they will feel the need to change in order to find personal freedom.

To allow others their freedom is to guarantee oneself against isolation, it is to free oneself. We are free as long as those around us are free.

Our job is to develop our understanding and listening skills as naturally as possible; let's practice this with people who are empathetic, genuine and understanding; people with whom we can talk, share and express ourselves without needing to justify what we say.

From the Volunteers of God Collection
Group associated with the Secular Institute, the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

To be continued in Part 3...

Part 1: Welcome and accept others as they are, unconditionally

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Céline avec cadre rouge. When I heard the name of this Secular Institute, THE OBLATE MISSIONARIES OF MARY IMMACULATE, I was drawn to the two "M," MARY and MISSIONARY. Mary has always had an important place in my life and the word missionary stirred my spirit of adventure. Mary led me to Jesus who had long prepared me for consecrated life in the midst of the world.

The spirituality of 5-5-5 was, for me, a discovery of who I am. Throughout my journey, and to this day, this spirituality makes me realize that, in trying to live it faithfully, I am following the teaching of Jesus. As a result I evangelize my milieu.

Today, with Jesus and Mary, I "mission" among the people of my own region.

My consecration to the Lord brings me joy.

Céline L.

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Thursday, 20 May 2021 22:46

Thought for the month June 21

f juin vingtetun lexperience enseigne ppp ang

Experience shows that love is noble when it respects others. Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

Monday, 03 May 2021 08:14

In the manner of Mary

louise marie pIn honor of Fr. Louis-Marie Parent, who died on May 17, 2009,
we are pleased to highlight his great love for Mary
as illustrated the following extracts.

In the manner of Mary

Of all living things from the beginning of time and for centuries to come, no living being has found the favor of God as Mary did.
Mary is the unanimous choice of the Trinity.

livre anglaisOne can never meditate enough on the attitudes she lived under the guidance of the Holy Spirit:
Ecce: availability
Fiat: she teaches that everything is possible for God
Magnificat: joy
Stabat Mater: she teaches us the path to follow.
Jesus is incarnated all day long, all year long wherever we are, his influence is
spread through gifts, talents and dynamism.

Am I open to the Virgin of the Annunciation, the instrument of the Trinity, to her reaching me, winning me over, transforming me?
The Holy Spirit continues to work in me through the intermediary of the Virgin; am I aware of that?
Reference: "In intimacy with Jesus," Father Louis-Marie Parent, pages 31-32-33

vierge mariePrayer
Give peace to our land,
O Mother of Mercy.
With trust, we place in your heart and your love
the Church and the entire people of this world.
Protect us from all injustice,
from all division, violence and war.
Help us to overcome doubt through faith,
selfishness through service,
hatred through love.
O Mary, be our comfort and give strength to all those who suffer:
to the poor, to the lonely, to the sick, to the unloved, to the abandoned.
Grant to all light, hope and peace.
Saint John Paul II

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