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Thursday, 27 August 2020 05:05

In the hope that there not be

poeme eng
In the hope that there not be a reoccurrence of empty streets devoid of the joy of laughing children.
In the hope that there not be a reoccurrence of covered faces making people around us hardly recognizable.
In the hope that there not be a reoccurrence of the scent of chloride in homes, businesses, bars and public places.
In the hope that there not be a reoccurrence of greetings at a distance devoid of meaning, that say from afar, “We are no longer visiting.”
In the hope that there not be a reoccurrence of the tired faces of doctors and nurses, cleaners and so many good people who work in silence – the researchers.
In the hope that there be daily applauding of the Corona on the way out when we will once again be brothers.
In the hope that Covid disappear leaving in its wake the usual greetings restored with their full meaning of meeting and hugging!!
In the hope that we can appreciate our magnificent creation, gift of God to all humanity, to be shared in peace and fraternity.
How will we transition from nightmare to dream? When grudges, falsehood and treachery dissipate and our Corona virus takes on the name LOVE.
Hilda M.
April 2020

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020 12:06

A Volunteers of God Celebration

photo volontaires latuque

Réjeanne Allard paid tribute to the leader of the group of the Volunteers of
La Tuque, Quebec, for its 25 years of loyalty.

Who is this person in charge of this group of Volunteers?
It’s none other than Lise Defoy.

She is a person with a missionary heart, gifted with caring and kindness.
Over many years she was for her students a warm and welcoming educator with a compassionate heart.

She is a woman of heart; service is another of her strengths.
She is the mother of Mélanie and Maude.

She joined the group of Volunteers in 1994.
She brought her positive spirit to the group and, in 1996, became part of the animation team
with Suzelle Doucet and Francine Durand.

As they were convinced of the seriousness of spirituality, they invited other people to join the group.
For them, sharing the 5 life attitudes through their everyday life is a priority, thus, they live the mission
of the Volunteers which is:

"To live the love of Christ everywhere in the present moment."

a main

In light of such dedication over all these years, Lise, with her current collaborators,
Nicole Picard and Denise Binette, has prepared this celebration of thanksgiving.

Now it's with the whole team that we sing:

How beautiful are your works

How great are your works
Lord, Lord, you fill us with joy!

b paysage

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globe coeurI didn’t want to live in a group with a predetermined agenda, a habit and regulations. When I learned of the secular institute of the Oblates I understood that I could live my commitment to follow Jesus while evolving in my existing milieu, exercising my profession and maintaining my relationships with family and friends. What influenced me to choose the Oblate Institute was the objective at the time: Live and witness the charity of Christ. I have always felt a strong call to universal Love. The secular nature of the Institute suited me. So I became involved and have no regrets!

Denise D.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020 06:23

How I Live my Mission

DiêpI live my mission every day through my relationship with God and others.

I understand that whether my relationship with others is good or not depends on my relationship with God because He is the source of all truth, all goodness and all beauty.

As a member of a Secular Institute living in the midst of the worldlike all laypeople,I fulfill the duties of a consecrated person present and working with everyone in the environment where, for me,God is first and always at the forefront. I live His presence in union with Him through the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation, the review of the day and the sacraments I receive. I ask Mary to offer my person to the Lord so that He can use me as He wills.

I also asked her to intercede for God's grace for me and to help me live according to God’s as she did.

Before I go to work or meet and interact with others, I always ask God to accompany me and enlighten me in discerningthe right things to do to help others and to honor Him.

In addition to my group activities, I have responsibilities as an assigned directress and asformator for my companions.

For the past 10 years and to the present time:

• I am involved with a group of Volunteers of God; we meet every month and share about how the members have lived
5 attitudes in their milieus. I help these members to better understand and practice the 5 attitudes of life, a practice that requires love and sacrifice.
I translatefrom English to Vietnamese the “Sparks of Life” newsletterthat is published by the Volunteers of God in Canada and dispatched to members in other countries. I visit theVolunteers who are old, sick or suffering and encouraged them to live the 5 attitudes and to pronounce their annual commitment to God even in their limited circumstances,be they in wheelchairs or bedridden.

• I look after the oblate house; I welcome guests, prepare the meeting room for gatherings, the celebrations and other activities for the oblates and the Volunteers of God.At the house, I also arranged rooms for rent as accommodations forstudents or workers. That, in part, ishow I earn my living.
I care for and support students in difficult circumstances by sharing food and life experiences with them to help them to avoid pitfalls due to their lack of knowledge or learning.
I constantly remind them of love, solidarity, tolerance and respect, and especially assure that they aware of rules and discipline necessary to maintain fraternity, safety and public order for everyone.

• I participate in parish activities as well, the choir,in particular. I am available when I am needed. I am also in touch with many people who need comfort and encouragement.I also suggest that they practice 5 attitudes of life to increase their faith in God, to be able to love and to forgive more easily as well as to avoid complaining or criticizing, attitudes that destroys one’s own peace and community harmony.
In addition, I do not forget to care for and pray for others all over the world, especially those who do not yet believe in God, those who are sufferingand those who need God's mercy.

Doan thi Ngoc Diêp

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Friday, 21 August 2020 04:18

Thought for the month September 20

i septembre vingt a la charite de croitre ppp ang

May our charity increase... may our egoism decrease. Louis-Marie Parent, O.M.I.

BérangèreThe question brings to mind that it was the 5 points that first attracted me to join the OMMI Institute:  I immediately loved and adopted that spirituality. I saw it as a “program” that bundled the strong point of the Gospel, a program complete in itself and, in few words, a way of adhering to all dimensions indispensable to the life of a Christian and, more particularly, to consecrated life.

Father Parent, OMI, founder of the Institute, expressed the mission in a variety of ways: the mission of the Institute is a mission of CHARITY that requires:a fully alive relationship with God,precise and demanding ways of living fraternal charity (absence of destructive criticism, interior and exterior) and of responding to difficulties that affect me (absence of useless complaint, interior and exterior).

The fruits that emanate from these are joy in serving and in radiating PEACE.

Where else can the expression such a self-realizing and demanding life-style be found!

When I focus on living the 5 points I am more alive and joyful.

I feel it in my contacts with others; I tend to be charitable and less judgmental in my view of others and of events;
I strive to be more positive and seek out ways of being of help.

I am better equipped to carry out the mission to which I am called. I believe that in living the attitudes of life I lay my stone in the transformation of the world, discreetly, like leaven in the dough. Like Christ, I can manifest to all persons the unconditional love of the Father; I am all set to love.

Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Mary, for showing me theway, for accompanying me.

Bérangère F.

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Thursday, 20 August 2020 04:48

Can I become free ? (part 1)

image engCertainly if I manage to control my worries.

It is true that worries do not all have the same intensity, that their rhythm varies, that some cannot be used to build upon, that others are dangerous and must be eliminated without fail otherwise the person is demolished.

More and more psychologists encourage their clients to reflect in order to master the daily worries inherent in life and to completely free themselves from the most serious. Some worries can break a life; they are parasites that eat away at energies. We should not be afraid to look at worries, to analyze them, to hold them to find positive aspects to be exploited.

Could not the victims of worry, the chronic worriers, do like the followers of Alcoholics Anonymous and promise God, the Supreme Being really alive as they conceive Him, twenty-four hours of sobriety each day?

From the Volunteers of God Collection, "Can I become free?"
Group associated with the Secular Institute, the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

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