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Do you want to change your life? (2)

partdeux face angHaving a goal in life.

We lead hectic lives, we have lost the desire to simplify our lives, we end up believing that happiness is a utopia, because to look for it, we run left and right instead of reaching for it within our hearts. However, there is an innate and very strong desire to be happy within each of us.

Thanks to the media, mankind has managed to reach the most distant people on the globe. Today, we see more people in a day than our grandfathers saw in their entire lives.

Happiness is within us. It’s a matter of asking questions, listening to the answers that arise from the heart, getting started and doing something positive.

If we agree to reflect every day for five minutes, we will end up discovering our own resources, our true potential. […]

Every human being must exploit the positive that inhabits them to have the ability of not being broken by minor injuries such as the impatience of others or their indifference. We must defend ourselves, not through acts of contempt, but by seeking to understand, […] by not breaking our own way of loving.

We have the power to empathize that lies within us, to build peace and to spread it everywhere. It is by accepting to live in this way that we become useful. It is by living the best of yourself that life becomes a true wonder.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieu”: Do you want to change your life? Louis-Marie Parent, OMI



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