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Time… is Wealth - Conclusion, articles 1-2-3

clockHaving respect for time does not mean that I have to have perfectionist, super-active attitudes. Too much organization is no more beneficial than a complete lack of order. Everyone has to discover their tendencies, to know that they have the resources within themselves to sort them out.

Time is a friend that helps me in all circumstances. I can use it as I wish, it never accepts excuses, it is there, waiting.

I only have to do what I can do, nothing more.

Time has the richness of our priorities. It accompanies the simplest actions, it can be used, it is docile by nature. To get used to making choices is to acquire wisdom. Everyone has a multiplicity of choices to make every day. One has the value of one's choices; time depends on their quality.

One must develop a capacity for concentration, in order to readjust as the days go by. One day at a time, never more, never less. In a race, the important thing is to have the right foot in the right place.

Excerpt from the “Collection Volontaires de Dieuˮ: Time… is Wealth / Father Louis-Marie Parent, OMI

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