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May 25, 2019, at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, ten secular institutes from the province of Quebec met to reflect on the theme:

Choose God unceasingly! Love the world with passion!

Cardinal Gérald C. Lacroix, Archbishop of Quebec, spoke to us on the theme, with passion.

Here are highlights from his presentation:
Choose God unceasingly! A daring and demanding theme, calling for commitment to fidelity, in freedom. God loves us as free beings.
Love the world as Jesus did.
Love has made the first step; he prepared the wedding feast, he reaches out to us.
Christian living is an encounter we are invited to live every day.
Called to live an alliance with God unceasingly, to live in communion, to enter into his benevolent loving gaze.
Allow Christ’s gaze upon you; fear not, he loves you (song).
« God does not wait for a flower to bloom to warm it; it blooms because he warms it.”
He will always be there to renew your strength and hope. He values you. He chose you.

Love the world with passion!
Love who? Love what? Each day of the Creation of the world, God saw that it was good, even if creation was not yet finished. God always finds something good in me.
God loves the world – he sent his Son, he sent his disciples, he sends us. He continues to love the world passionately.
Jesus’ love for us is unlimited and everlasting.
To view the world with the eyes of the heart and love it with passion is to be leaven and salt for the earth.
Love the world by being in its midst, not by remaining on the balcony.
Our vocation is to go out and inflame the world, inflame the hearts of men and women, to do as Jesus did, that the world may be set aflame and consumed.
Have a greater zeal for the world and each individual person. We are outfitted for the front line, to be agents of change.
Our itinerary is to live life on our human highways.
« Criticism comes easy when we are faced with the negative,” the Cardinal says.

How do I love the world where I live? Do I see it as God sees it?
Am I attracted by suffering, etc.?

We have experienced a warm fraternal encounter between members of various Institutes. We recognize and appreciate the work of the Council of the Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes (CCSI)

By Paulette Chénard

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Monday, 24 June 2019 08:27

The interior strength of women

paulette c.jpgI invited women to become more deeply aware of their interior strength – what was the source of this strength... Within us is something much greater than ourselves, something divine which will remain forever.

To view the video (available in French only) go to


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Saturday, 22 June 2019 15:59


Friday, May 17, we celebrated the anniversary of Father Parent’s birth in his new Life with God, an opportunity for a heart-warming event at Cap-de-la-Madeleine.

Article: Tenth anniversary of the death of Father Louis-Marie Parent, OMI

Article: Fraternal encounter

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Saturday, 22 June 2019 14:19

The inventivity of love

catechumenatInitiation to the sacraments of Christian life (baptism, Eucharist, confirmation) pour adults is a grace to receive which was given to our pastoral unit this year, calling on my skills as adult catechist.
It is a call addressed to adults but awakens the whole community. I was touched by meeting these adults who, by the Church, heard the call of Jesus in their heart to follow him as disciples.

Three young women, one of whom was stateless drawing us into the new world of refugees; to the society she is a non-person but, to us, she is someone and is unique. The second, due to her difficult life situations was a challenge; she tested our patience and our availability to the extreme – unemployed, without stable income, with family issues.

For the two of us, Françoise and me, this brought about a total revision of our life: intellectual, affective, social and spiritual.

The Call
For each of the three, this call and its response brought about human, spiritual, social and ecclesial growth. By their repeated yeses, despite all obstacles: attitudes of other regarding their conversion: that of their own families, of society, of employers and work colleagues, of social services, in the midst of the reality of ‘it is what it is,’ God took first place in their life. Each discovers who she is in the context of her own story, loved by a God of tenderness and mercy who reveals Himself to her as a God of Love.

The prescribed process is launched. The Holy Spirit is active in their heart and in mine and in that of the whole Christian community. The witnessing of a welcoming, generous, praying community where the presence of God is lived with simplicity is a confirmation that a Christian cannot live their commitment in isolation.

With the Word of God at the core of each meeting (enlightened by Father Parent’s writings) I teach them how to develop unity in their life – to identify inner stirrings, changes, what is yet to arise. I apply all pedagogical means to allow a new birth to take place and life be renewed. To accompany, support and lead to a profound and enthusiastic conversion evolving in reciprocity requires simple language, deep listening, critical analysis and a climate of prayer and interiority.

A few lessons from this experience
- Accompaniment by 2 people: Françoise I completed each other; together, bringing credibility to the welcome and to the creating of relationship and in the diversity of life experiences shared.
- The passing on of faith abolishes prejudices and transcends age and culture.
- Entering into the depth of ecclesial reality brings to life the full meaning of Church-communion which is built on the complement of ministries and services (deacons, priests, religious communities, secular institutes as well as the laity).
- When the periphery comes to us, especially those we haven’t chosen, a systematic review of mentality takes place: our way of thinking and of living, but the best experience is that of becoming clearly aware that our vocation as members of a secular institute and as oblates is the perfect fit to the cries of humanity and the needs of the Church today.

In the footsteps of many Oblates before me, let us dare to believe in the Good News of peace and joy that we can bring.
Marcelle C.
Françoise L.

Left, deacon, Christian, center, Irene, right, Father Thierry, pastor of the pastoral unit.

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Saturday, 22 June 2019 13:40

Hoping against all hope

helene lMy engagement in the Church was carried out as a pastoral worker in rural and in parish settings for almost twenty years. Needless to say my previous engagements had been of a different nature.

How I was led to this ministry? Initially I worked as a secretary in the Diocese of Ottawa for five years. I wanted to do more so I went on to serve the bishops of Canada (the CCCB). A few years later I sought out a commitment that would put me in closer contact with people. Too, I observe how women’s role in the Church received little recognition.

After a time of prayer and reflection, I decided to register for a year of formation in pastoral work in Montreal. During that year, in the course of my studies, I looked to the future for a place where lay persons were needed to work in the Lord’s vineyard.

That is when I learned of a posting in the Diocese and in the region of Quebec. I was given a mandate by the Archbishop. Gradually, I found my place in this new environment.

The experience was a good one. The volunteers, men and women, were deeply committed. I
greatly appreciated them and they responded in kind. I felt I had an important place in committees and among the priests.

My mission consisted in listening to people, in organizing formation meetings: baptism, liturgy, rite of initiation, social and family pastoral work, the parish pastoral council and churchwardens. I created a committee for women’s issues. I was welcomed everywhere as a WOMEN, even with priests, although, at the time, I was the only woman among them. I was neither a priest or a priestesse, but, confident in my discretion, many personal issues were shared with me without the benefit of absolution.

After fourteen years I sought the opportunity to evangelize at the grassroots level. Accordingly, I asked to be assigned to a parish. I was named to a new pastoral team beginning the experience of the merging four parishes into a single pastoral unit. I had the joy of working with open and welcoming people. The pastor gave us latitude, for example, during a six-year period, I was allowed to give reflections (homilies) on the Word once a month at Sunday masses. The feedback from the people was very positive. On another occasion, supported by a pastoral worker friend, I dared to preside at a Celebration of the Word in the attendance of lay persons and priests. It took guts to do it. I still dare to make small steps towards advancing women’s place in the Church with volunteers and other committed women.

I believe that by my actions, attitude and witnessing I contributed to the making of small steps by those who worked with me and to sensitize them to the fact that women have an important role to fill in the Church, the People of God. She is not there only to serve coffee and organize meetings. Through these little gestures I am convinced I laid small flagstones to build and to allow the Church of our time to grow. Striving to accomplish this mission has brought me much joy.

However, since my retirement, I see that women engaged in the Church, and men as well, have lost ground. This step backwards disappoints me. For five years I presided at celebrations of the Word in parishes. It was fulfilling and rewarding. Today, all is back to being the purview of priests. There are no more celebrations of the Word.

I continue to be an activist and never miss an opportunity to open a little window… Another example, the use of inclusive language in celebrations. Incredible as it may seem, for some, women are still in the era of Noah and Abraham.

Must we hope against all hope to make steps to gain a place in the church? Our place?

Hélène L.


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Saturday, 22 June 2019 12:17

Fraternal encounter

Friday, May 17, we celebrated the anniversary of Father Parent’s birth in his new Life with God, an opportunity for a heart-warming event at Cap-de-la-Madeleine.

p parent dessin visage vers droiteFollowing a celebration of the Eucharist with prayer, music, singing and witnessing unfolding in an atmosphere of joy and interiority, we gathered for lunch at the Madone.

It was a moment of rich fraternal encounters: the time to share stories between ourselves, to notice more heads crowned with silver but hearts were light, the tendency to tease alive and well and the chatting spontaneous.

The encounters unfolded in an atmosphere of simplicity and fraternity.

The meal ended with a liqueur served in the form of an upbeat speech by Denise, our President.

There followed the visioning of a video featuring Father Parent. His spontaneity, humor and depth clearly reflected the man as he was known and appreciated by all.

We extend our thanks to those who made this joyful, relaxed event take place.
We hope to experience such events again in the future

Photos memories:

Lucile A. lucile dessin

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denise desrochers messe motThe Welcome Address

Welcome to the celebrant, Father James Dunstan, Director General of the Voluntas Dei.
Welcome to the concelebrants, Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Trois-Rivières, and to Father Luc Tardif, OMI, and Provincial of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap Oblate Province. Welcome to the Voluntas, Father Yvon Carpentier, the Laroche brothers, Mario, Marc and Michel and Father René Désilets. Welcome to the Oblates of North America and to the Volunteers of God. The Oblates and Voluntas from other countries are surely united to us in thought and prayer at this time. Welcome to all present who regularly attend mass here as well as to the pilgrims among us today.

May 17, ten years ago, Father Parent, Oblate, founder of our Institutes the Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate and the Voluntas Dei, left us to reap his eternal reward. Ten years later, we remember this man and are always grateful for his bequeath to our two Institutes and the Associate Group, the Volunteers of God, for the gift of a very concrete spirituality.

This spirituality allows us to live a mission of Love, unconditional love of every one, nourished by a life of prayer and charity in action sustained by gospel values. These choice attitudes are the presence of God, absence of destructive criticism, absence of useless complaint, being of service for others and being a peacemaker. All the events in our immediate environment and beyond incite us to live these attitudes.

Our Eucharistic celebration is our response of remembrance and gratitude to this spiritual heritage that enables each of us to live our vocation of consecrated men and women, involved in the Church, and to be in the midst of the world with a heart like that of God.

Let us give thanks for this simple dynamic spirituality, which is accessible and beneficial to all people of good will.
We are the guardians of this spirituality. It is our joy to live and pass on with simplicity this gift we have received gratuitously.
Enjoy the celebration!

Photos memories:

Denise Desrochers, President
Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Cape
May 17, 2019

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Sunday, 02 June 2019 20:28

The great gift of God

colombe«To be born again to the divine life in baptism is the first step; we must then behave as sons of God, that is to say, to conform to Christ who works in the holy Church, by becoming involved in his mission in the world. This is made possible by the anointing of the Holy Spirit: “without his strength, there is no strength in man”. Without the strength of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing: it is the Spirit who gives us the strength to advance. Just as the whole life of Jesus was animated by the Spirit, so the life of the Church and of each of its members remains under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit.

The “breath” of the Risen Christ fills the lungs of the Church with life; and, indeed, the mouths of the disciples, “filled with the Holy Spirit”, open to proclaim to all, the great works of God (cf. Acts 2:1–11).The Holy Spirit is the great gift of God. And we all have the Spirit inside ourselves. The Spirit is in our heart, in our soul. And the Spirit guides us in our life so that we become the right salt, and the right light, for men.

And, I wonder: how can one realize that one has received the gift of the Spirit? If we perform the works of the Spirit, if we speak the words taught by the Spirit (cf.1 Cor 2:13). Christian witnessing consists in doing only, and all, what the Spirit of Christ asks us, granting us the strength to accomplish it».

Excerpt from “The General Audience of Pope Francis, 23 may 2018

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Sunday, 02 June 2019 18:35

A certificate of appreciation

The organization Development and Peace was founded in 1967 by the Canadian Bishops. The objective of the organization resonated with my desire to help the poorest of the poor by targeting the underlying causes of poverty.

I was almost thirty, teaching in the Haute Mauricie (Quebec), when I became representative of Development and Peace for my parish.

Upon retiring I returned to Nicolet, my home diocese. As a member of Bon-Pasteur parish in Drummondville  I continued year after year to be involved in the organization.

The objective of Development and Peace was so dear to me that I passed the torch on to younger people.

          bianca rejeanne  jean denis rejeanne   rejeanne garcon

                                                           groupe oblates

Mrs. Bianca Mailloux, pastoral worker, and Benjamin Mercier, a senior high-school student, spoke at masses on the fifth Sunday of International Solidarity 2019.

On that occasion the National President of Development and Peace, Mr. Jean-Denis Lampron, presented me with a certificate of appreciation for my commitment and contribution to social justice.

Réjeanne A

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Saturday, 01 June 2019 21:49

A world of beauty

coin artite broderie denise gagne ang

Denise Gagné, artist
Remember the beautiful embroidery work our grandmothers used to stitch? Remember how we often said, our eyes wide-open in wonder, "What a gorgeous tablecloth!", or, "What a grand centre piece!"?
Today we showcase Denise Gagné's exceptional talent - nimble fingers at work in samples of her Hardanger, Schwalm, Mosaic and White embroidery.
Embroidery opens onto a world of beauty. This handiwork is an art designed to create marvels.
We can not hope for fullness of life without nurturing fullness of the soul. To give life to the soul of the world we must, ourselves, become beauty. Where we are must be more beautiful than it was before our arrival because of our presence.
Contemplatives dismiss disorder from their life, surround themselves with beauty, and consciously, relentlessly, with persistence, radiate beauty till the milieu for which they are responsible begins to reflect pure beauty - the beauty of God.
Extract from "Living in the Light" by Joan Chittister
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