Tuesday, 25 July 2023 21:58

"Mary, I love you"

heart mary

How many times have we greeted you, prayed to you, invoking you like this.

It was at evening prayer. I can hear the echo in the distance, the repetition of "I love you."

I'm overwhelmed with happiness.

"Mary, I love you" is part of me (and of our big family).

It's more than a devotion, it's a bond of kinship, for Jesus her Son gave her to us when he said to John,
who represented us at the foot of the cross: "Here is your mother."

We too, Mary, have accepted you. "Mary, I love you."

You live in our lives, for it is to you, Mary, that we say over and over again on a daily basis,
"Mary, I love you," and the echo comes back to us, "I love you."

Aline Bruneau

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