Monday, 01 April 2024 23:14

The heart never ages, its secret: living in the present moment

heart flowerEvery moment of the day is a special time, but how often do we miss out on it, living our daily lives as a normal routine? And yet, when we open our eyes and our hearts, so many beautiful things are expressed all around us.

Why not make the most of this beautiful season that God has given us, spring? A season that brings light, heralds new life, brings hope to our doorstep and brings us closer to Mother Nature.

Let's not stop at our age, because age has nothing to do with it, and life pushes the heart to find meaning in what we do. Even if frailty becomes an obstacle, nothing in the world should stop us, because the needle of the present moment cares little for tomorrow.

Let's remember that, no matter what winds blow, it's up to us to create springtime in our lives by staying totally connected to what we're experiencing. Let's not forget that the love we sow leaves its mark, like the buds that burst forth spraying the scent of a new day.

Whether we're 30, 50, 60 or 80 years old or older, whether we're ill or well, if in the depths of our hearts we learn to live our springtime in the present moment, no season will overshadow our hope.

Louise Fleury, Volunteer of God

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